I was just lamenting that I haven’t really got myself out in Singapore to take pictures so far in 2011. Finally finding a free weekend, we (my dad, EK and myself) made our way to the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort for some urban photography. The weather certainly didn’t disappoint, with good sunshine throughout our session there. The above was taken at the same spot as this post except that I had the advantage of an ultra-wide-angle lens this time around. I had originally wanted to make a composite HDR-image based on three bracketed shots for this scene. Ultimately, Lightroom was able to give me the balanced results I wanted from just one RAW file (through gradient-filter processing) 🙂

Canon EOS 7D + EF-S10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM : f/11.0, 1/160 sec, 10 mm, ISO 200. Click for location
Category: Expression and LandscapeSunday, 27 Feb 2011 06:11 pm