Another shot that will be featured at the upcoming exhibition in Romania… This was taken in March 2004. My thoughts then:

Another shot of the construction activity going on at the Singapore Management University site at Bras Basah, right in the heart of town. The brilliantly-lit worker caught my eye as he got to work securing the scaffold-frame as well as the lines and patterns formed by the rest of the scaffolding. I have processed the picture in Photoshop to bring out the impact of the lone worker, and at the same time, stylizing the scaffold framework to give a schematic-feel to it. Some people are no doubt going to hate the processing while others may like it. As they say, art is subjective 😛

As it stands, subjectively speaking, this shot was well-liked by at least two salons: it got a honourable mention at the 3rd Suncoast Virtual Exhibition last year, as well as an acceptance at the Tropical Image 2005 Exhibition 🙂