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Autumn’s Peace was taken at the MacRitchie Reservoir in June 2003 (there’s no autumn here in Singapore that’s for sure, contrary to the picture’s title!) during a gloriously sunny day. I chanced across a dried fallen leaf in the shallow edge of the reservoir. What caught my attention was the brightly coloured dragonfly perched upon a twig, which helped to bring life to the picture. (I must admit though, that due to size limitations on the web, the impact of the dragonfly in this web presentation is lost. The original enlarged print was much more impressive.)

This picture went on to win a Highly Commended Award (Photography Section) at the UOB Painting Of The Year Competition in the same year.

Exposure information – Camera: Canon Powershot G3, ISO 50, Shutter: 1/125 sec, Aperture: f/7.1, 35mm effective FL: 88mm, Metering mode: Spot, Exposure Mode: Manual