Notice anything new here? 🙂

I came across the free blogger tool WordPress a couple of days ago at I have never used the PHP functionality of my webhosting service so far. The friendly documentation and the support forums at WordPress got me hooked on trying the PHP-based software out on my photoblog. A few quick configurations and I managed to get my former Blogger posts (with comments and all) migrated with no problems. Exploring WordPress further, I came across the excellent photoblog template at Razzi’s Photolog and have since adapted it for use here. I like the stronger organization and categorization tools WordPress gives me compared to Blogger. The other big benefit is of course being able to log in from my workplace (since the Blogger domain has been blocked by my workplace server)!

The above picture was taken at the MacRitchie Reservoir boardwalk more than a year ago. I love the sense of peace and tranquility the picture evokes 🙂