Anyone fancy a used camera?

This area in Singapore’s Chinatown is full of small-time road-side traders, selling a fascinating array of knick-knacks, stuffs and junk, from “precious stones and rubies” to “limited edition” porcelain and pottery. When this particular man first started setting up his stall this morning, I could not help noticing the title of a book he laid out right at the beginning: “CAMERAS”. Eventually, bits and pieces of old camera equipment started to come out on display: from China-branded Seagull SLRs, to old Olympuses, Yashicas, and Minoltas… even a toy camera (look at the cyan-coloured one!) and a soda-pop can (in his hands) which actually turned out to be a camera in disguise! By the way, I hope you have enjoyed the first two guestblog entries (see here and here) so far. If you are keen on having your pictures featured in my blog as a guestblog entry, do send me a contact!