"Are We There Yet?" I wasn’t too hopeful when I headed down to the Singapore River Regetta this afternoon with Dad, Mum and CY in tow after lunch. The skies were looking dark and forbidding and it had rained earlier in the day. All this feeling of inhibition was let go immediately when I got there, though. Although a few drops of rain did try to break through the cloudy skies, I was soon absorbed taking pictures from a nice vantage point on Elgin Bridge over the Singapore River. All in all, I spent close to 4 hours at the area taking shot after shot of the dragon-boat races taking place then, while putting up with an extremely sarcastic riverside commentator / race starter, who nitpicked non-stop on the participating dragon-boaters. This is one of the favourite shots from the session… More to follow 🙂 Exposure information: Camera – Canon EOS 20D, Lens – Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L, Shutter speed – 1/125 sec, Aperture – f/6.3, ISO – 400, Focal length – 100mm, Exposure mode – Aperture Priority, Flash – Off, Filter – Hoya Circular Polarizer