A continuation of the ARPS series… The Tekka Market in Singapore provides lots of opportunities for photo enthusiasts. I have gotten quite a number of good shots of people activity here. For this shot, I just managed to catch this moment of a Malay family making their choice at the fishmonger’s. The high angle used produced an unusual perspective while maintaining a clear view of the child’s disdain for the fishes on sale. I’m flattered by jcyrhs’ latest post, who has declared this top-down perspective as my signature style 🙂 Now, if only I can find a good enough panel of shots with such a perspective to put up for my FRPS attempt… And oh… if you missed out Don Ellis’ excellent guestblog entry previously, do take a look and leave your comments! And if you left me a contact through the link in the toolbar above, I would like to apologise for not being able to reply because the mail got filtered into my Bulk Mail folder by mistake and was emptied before I realised it. I do appreciate your comments and feedback and hope that you would re-send your feedback again if possible!