Despite the recent worries about bird flu, lots of people were seen feeding the ducks at the Botanical Gardens. Whereas it was duck (feeding) season for them, it was duck (photography) season for us! 😛 But getting them in nice and interesting compositions wasn’t that easy. You need a super-zoom / telephoto lens to get real close, and the closer you get, the more difficult it gets to frame and squeeze off the shot at the correct moment. Given the 200mm reach of my 70-200mm f/4L, I couldn’t get that close too. In the end, I decided to spot for interesting arrangements within the brood of ducks. By the time I took this, the sun was almost overhead. I decided on a silhouette approach for a change instead. I was lucky to capture this particular picture where the ducks (and their reflections) were just nicely seperated and arranged. I have added a sepia / b&w tone effect to the original shot (which was almost monochromatic to start with anyway!).