Updates to this photoblog will be a little slow as I will be away to the UK for some revision courses before I attempt the final portion of my career-related exam in early May… The above picture was taken during the same trip I made to the Botanical Gardens almost 2 weeks ago. This particular duck was having a good time making ripples in the water. I made a quick switch to shutter priority / continuous drive mode and clicked a quick series of shots. This was one of the better ones with just the right composition, action and ripple patterns. I wasn’t able to dial in some compensation for the brightness of the water: the duck ended up looking a bit underexposed because of the lighting situation. Thankfully, I was able to recover the details with some RAW processing in CaptureONE. I have also done some vignette-masking/levels adjustments to darken and increase the contrast of the ripple patterns while leaving the duck highlighted as the main subject in the picture.