A wider-angle view of my earlier post… (I’ve got even wider views to post later on :P) Although there was much more equipment to carry when I brought both my digital SLRs (my older 300D and the current 20D I’m using) to Indonesia, having two camera bodies mounted to two different lenses (17-40 f/4 L and 70-200mm f/4 L) proved to be useful, especially when changing lenses was difficult due to dusty environments, or when there simply isn’t enough time to switch lenses. I am glad I chose to keep my 300D — it is essentially still a camera that produces great images — although at times, I do wish that I had two 20Ds with me (for the faster focusing and higher megapixel count) 🙂 As an aside: I seem to be getting less feedback on my pictures since I started posting this Mount Bromo series. Not everybody’s cup of tea? Do let me know 😛