My excuse for the lack of updates of late: I’ve been busy preparing for my upcoming wedding as well as moving house. Now that I’ve settled in to my new home, the weather hasn’t turned out too great for photography with the forest fires raging in Indonesia and throwing Singaporean weather into a hazy mess. Having a little time off after dinner today, I decided to ask CY to pose for this indoor shot on our newly-bought piano instead. I had a difficult time trying to achieve the effect I wanted until I decided to experiment with a little “light painting”. Turning off almost all the lights and asking CY to play the piano in the dark, I used a handheld torchlight to keep the focus of interest on her nimble fingers before I gradually moved the torch to and fro to illuminate the rest of the keyboard softly. The camera was mounted on a tripod for a long ten-second shot. I liked the final effect I managed to achieve 🙂