We’re back from our honeymoon! As we adjust back to Singapore time, here are some new images from our trip to share with you. This is one of my favourite and was taken from Jungfraujoch, or the “Top Of Europe” as it is known in tourist literature (most likely a misnomer since there are higher peaks in the Swiss Alps). Jungfraujoch hosts the Jungfraubahn, which at an elevation of 3,454 metres, is the highest railway station in Europe. The outdoors was at a freezing minus 7 degrees Celsius! I was lucky to be taking this from the comfort of our cafeteria while taking lunch. Putting the lens flush to the window did help to minimise any reflections. The use of a polarising filter helped to deepen the colour of the sky dramatically. Updated: Please take a look at my comment for a short “making-of” description of this picture.