While this man was taking a shot of the view from the great Colosseum in Rome, Italy, I was busy taking a candid shot of him! 😛 Ten years ago, people might have wondered what this man was doing. Taken in today’s context, it is obvious that he is taking a picture with a digital camera. As with most point-and-shoots, I find that the design of these cameras (relying on the LCD for composition and doing away with an optical viewfinder in many cases) does not allow or encourage proper hand-holding technique. Holding a camera with outstretched hands can never ever be stable enough compared to the traditional “tuck your elbows close to your body while holding the camera viewfinder to your eye” way. Maybe that’s why I still enjoy my DSLR more than any point-and-shoot, even though the small size of a P&S can sometimes come in handy!