This was taken outside Scarlet Hotel at Erskine Road, Singapore. We celebrated our second marriage-registration anniversary with a dinner at the hotel’s restaurant after I read this review. I came across the above scene after our sumptuous dinner. Not having brought my usual kit/tripod then, the Canon S5 IS’s image stabilisation feature certainly came in handy, although this advantage was offset by its high noise level at ISO 400 (relative to my 20D). Thankfully, I have been able to reduce the noise in post-processing. I have also added a sepia filter-effect to what was essentially a monochromatic scene. I noticed that I have been getting visitors to my photoblog but hardly any feedback or comment of late. Too busy to leave a comment? If you like my pictures, try rating them easily by clicking on the stars at the bottom of the post! I appreciate your feedback! 🙂