A break from the New Zealand pictures… It’s been a while since I set forth to the Esplanade waterfront for some pictures. A recent spate of good morning weather prompted my dad and I to try our luck again at capturing Singapore’s cityscape by the waterfront this morning. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as promising as the previous few days’. Nevertheless, the sun made its appearance just at the right time, bathing the buildings and Esplanade Bridge in a warm, golden glow. Update – With the Canon 40D, I had to abandon my favourite RAW processor that have served me since I started using the EOS 300D — Capture One. Yes, there is a new version of Capture One (version 4) that processes 40D files. However, I feel that development of the program have taken a turn for the worse. Just look at their support forums and you’ll get what I mean. While I love the workflow that Adobe Lightroom provides, I am somewhat disappointed by its rendering of colours for Canon RAW files (even with a lot of tweaking). The software Canon provides (Digital Photo Professional) does an excellent job in the colour department but its clunky interface does make RAW processing a real pain. The original file for this post was processed in Lightroom. I thought the above rendition by DPP looks better in the end.