Fancy a camera with DSLR-like performance but with the portability of a point-and-shoot? I have always harboured the desire of having a camera like that. The Powershot G3 that I started off with certainly had the “portability” for a prosumer-grade camera (certainly not as pocketable as the IXUS series), but not the image-quality that I enjoyed starting with the EOS 300D. Scouring the market of late, I decided on a Powershot G10. Build-quality – check. DSLR-like controls – check. Image-quality – reasonable for a camera this size. Size – not directly pocketable, but small enough to sling around the shoulder without causing any neck strain. Although I most certainly wouldn’t be getting rid of my EOS system and lenses anytime soon, I will certainly be carrying this little camera (relative to my 40D) around a lot more when I’m out and about. The above picture was taken from a high-angle from a shopping mall… in the current climate, I think I would have been certainly stopped by mall security if I have had my full DSLR gear with me! 😛