The initial idea I had when I migrated my existing photo gallery / photoblog to was to gradually move the old entries I made there over here (a time-consuming and labour-intensive job really, making sure that the dates of the entries matched the original!).

At the same time during the migration, I chanced upon which has found me a new audience / circle of visitors who have not really seen my old site before. Rather than having them click on the old archive links to see my old entries (which can get really tedious), I am now thinking of selecting the best of my old entries, and featuring them now as new posts here for everyone instead… What do you think?

Anyway, here’s one of my favourite pictures that I posted up some while ago:

I was looking for new opportunities to test out my then newly-bought EOS 300D in October 2003 when I came across this peaceful scene by the Botanical Gardens, Singapore. Lighting was a little soft at the time but just sufficient to throw a mild rim-light effect on the dragonfly and flower bud. I like the simple composition as well as the peaceful saturated colours of the shot.