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Flying A Kite Against The Halo First Jukung To Return Spectacular Arosbaya Painterly Banboo The Golden Splendour Golden Splendour Of A Rising Sun Let's Fly A Kite Unloading Team The Grandeur Of Dawn Two Blocks Are Just Nice The Splendour Of Light  Awesome Arosbaya The Splendour Of The Sun Fun At Batuputih Bursting Of Light The Choice Is Yours Creation of Nature On Duty Watching sunset surrounded by the gigantic rocks at Tanjung Tinggi, Belitung, Indonesia, definitely is an enjoyment at the end of day. To me, is another image not to be missed during my visit to this amazing location in August 2015. Sunrise At Batu Berlayer An Artist Performance Prayer At Goa Rancang Kenoco Mandalena Returned

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