I Wonder When? More from the Javanese wedding ceremony that we witnessed in Cemoro Lawang… For Singaporean Chinese customary weddings, the groom arrives to fetch the bride at an auspicious hour, accompanied by his entourage of “brothers” (male friends/relatives). When the bridal car arrives at the bride’s home, the car door has to be opened by a male member from her family. The usual choice is a young male cousin of the bride’s. I am surprised that an almost similar tradition is practiced in Java: Though I didn’t really see this boy open the car door, he played a central role in accompanying the groom and his mother in the wedding procession. I racked my brains for a title for this. I eventually chose this title because I thought it was interesting in that it can be applied to both the groom, his mother and the boy (as to when they can enter the bride’s house). The curious look the boy had on his face also makes me wonder whether if he was wondering when his turn will come when he grows up and gets married eventually.