If you have been following my dad’s photoblog, you would have come across his latest post on Russell lupins on our trip to New Zealand. These flowers were also in full bloom at scenic Lake Tekapo, which certainly lived up to its reputation as a photographer’s dream come true. I am surprised though that these beautiful flowers are notorious for its ravaging behaviour as a weed, with damaging effects on New Zealand’s natural environment. Canon 40D technical report: One interesting feature that the 40D has over my old 20D is Live View mode, which allowed viewing of the viewfinder image over the LCD ‘live’ prior to clicking the shot, digi-camera style. This certainly came in handy for the above shot which was taken on a very low-mounted tripod, making it difficult to peer into the viewfinder unless I sat down on the ground (which Dad did!). The super-imposed grid on the Live View display also enabled me to easily align the horizon properly in many of the landscape pictures I took, something which may not be easy through the viewfinder itself.