A picture taken at the Glasgow Botanical Gardens, right across the B&B we were staying at on our trip to the UK in April… As an aside, if you found yourself having difficulties accessing this site over the weekend, here’s the reason why… My web-hosting service (at Yahoo!) gave me a big scare over the weekend when more than half my hosted files disappeared after a routine upgrade of the WordPress software which this photoblog runs on. The upgrade on this blog had actually run well with no problems. When I tried to run a similar upgrade on my dad’s photoblog, a big crash occurred during which I was not even able to access a single of my, my wife’s and my dad’s hosted sites. Even the Yahoo! web-hosting control panel refused to run, making the whole of my web domain at elcreations.org crippled. Perhaps I should have done a backup prior to the upgrade… I was almost resigned to losing 5 years worth of work here, not counting the collective blogs and memories on my dad’s and wife’s blogs. Fortunately, calls to Yahoo tech support were toll-free on Skype. I am eternally grateful to the whiz at Yahoo tech support who managed to find an “unsupported” way of restoring my site to the “snapshot” backup done the day before the crash. Without him, I think I might still be manually clicking each file in the snapshot (at least more than 1000 of them) now in a desperate effort to restore this site. One thing’s for sure… I am going to make a nice big backup of this site…. before I attempt the upgrade again *shudder*

Canon EOS 40D : f/4.0, 1/800 sec, 200 mm, ISO 400.
Category: Nature and TravelMonday, 15 Jun 2009 12:22 am