Want Ice Cream? Prior to Nyepi day in Bali, the Ngrupuk parade is held during which papier-mâché statues known as ogoh-ogoh are paraded on a convoy around the town. They are then traditionally burnt to ashes in a cemetery as a symbol of self-purification (although I’ve read that these are usually recycled in recent times). We attended the parade in Denpasar on our trip and it was really crowded and humid-hot!. In between taking pictures of the parade, I managed to catch this ice-cream seller in great light. With the hot weather, he certainly was enjoying good business that day!
Canon EOS 7D : f/7.1, 1/160 sec, 94 mm, ISO 400.
Category: Candid and Decisive Moment and TravelTuesday, 30 Mar 2010 05:30 pm